VR Threading Dislocations Module

For bulk growth from the vapor of SiC and AlN, module Threading Dislocations (TD) can be applied to analyse evolution of threading dislocation density. The implemented energy-based approach operates with the data on the crystal shape evolution computed with Virtual Reactor. The simulation can be divided into two approaches:

  • TD trace tracking simulates propagation of TDs that originate from the seed through the growing crystal following the evolution of the crystal shape. The visualized results of the dislocation tracking in the vertical cross section of the crystal are particularly handy for interpretation of the dislocation behavior and process optimization.
  • Virtual mapping predicts the TD density in horizontal cross-section of the crystal by tracing their 3D propagation from the seed plane by plane. The result are convenient for visual comparison with the experimentally observed dislocation density distributions.

For BPDs see Residual Stress and Basal Plane Dislocations during Cooling

Dislocation density modeling by threading dislocation trace tracking

Dislocation tracking

Computed dislocation density in SiC crystal

Computed threading dislocation density in SiC vs.experiment by Yuqiang Gao et al., J. Cryst. Growth 312 (2010) 2909

Threading dislocation mapping in Virtual Reactor

Virtual mapping of threading dislocations