DiaDeMo Software for Modeling of MPCVD of Diamond

Diamond deposition modeling tool DiaDeMo provides capabilities to perform analysis of the design features and diamond growth regimes in MPCVD (micro-wave plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition) reactors based on the following modeling steps:

  • Self-consistent electric field and plasma density distribution within the reactor based on the geometry features of cavity and deposition volume
  • Temperature distribution in the gas volume and on the surfaces with consideration of detailed geometry of the substrate holder, pedestal and thermal gaps between the solid parts of the chamber
  • Neutral species density and mass transport under the MPCVD process conditions based on the complex mechanism of chemical reactions in the volume between the reactive species CxHy
  • SCD growth rate distribution over the substrate based on the complex mechanism of reactive species interaction with HPHT seed and chamber walls with consideration of any details of substrate holder, pocket, pedestal, etc.

All the necessary models of physical and chemical processes are incorporated into the software. This allows the user to skip otherwise long and complicated phase of specifying all the ionized and neutral species and describing numerous reaction pathways. The user just sets up the geometric configuration of the system and operating parameters such as thermal boundary conditions, field frequency, absorbed power, gas pressure and flow rates.

Example: Electric Field Distribution in MPCVD Reactor

Left: Electric Field and Plasma Density Distribution in MSU Reactor B. Reactor Geometry: Jing Lu, PhD Thesis, MSU, 2013. Right: Plasma Density, Gas Temperature, CH3 mole fraction, H mole fraction