Software for Modeling of Crystal Growth, Epitaxy and Devices 

Epitaxy and Deposition

Thin film epitaxy: Virtual Reactor (VR)

Strain/relaxation during the epitaxy of nitride heterostructures: STREEM InGaN, STREEM AlGaN

Poly-silicon deposition by the Siemens Process: PolySim

Diamond deposition: DiaDeMo


Bandgap engineering in LED & LD heterostructures: SiLENSe,

Bandgap engineering in superlattices: BESST

Current spreading and heating in LED chip: SpeCLED

Light extraction in LED chip: RATRO

Umbrella term for SiLENSe, SpeCLED and RATRO used together: SimuLED

Field effect transistor: FETIS

Photovoltaic cell heterostructure: PVcell


Bulk Crystal Growth

Including modeling of crystal shape evolution, thermal stress and dislocations dynamics

For growth from melt and solution – CGSim

For growth from vapor – Virtual Reactor (VR)

Collection of illustrated application examples for the modeling of bulk crystal growth can be found in Crystal Growth