Modeling of the Epitaxy of III-Nitrides

VR™ Nitride Edition is suitable for the modeling of the following reactor types:

  • Planetary reactors
  • High-speed rotation Turbodisc reactors
  • Horizontal reactors
  • Close-coupled showerhead reactors
  • Home-made reactors that can be simulated within a 2D plane or axisymmetric model

For reactors with essentially 3D configurations, chemical model can be used as an add on for some multiphysics software packages.

Software includes the following readily available chemical models:

  • GaN growth from TMGa and NH3
    • Unintentional GaN doping by Carbon
    • GaN doping by Carbon using CH4
    • GaN doping by Si using SiH4
    • GaN doping by Mg using MgCp2
  • AlN growth from TMAl and NH3
  • AlGaN growth from TMAl, TMGa, and NH3
    • Unintentional AlGaN doping by Carbon
  • InGaN growth
    • from TMGa, TMIn, and NH3
    • from TEGa, TMIn, and NH3
  • AlInN growth from TMAl, TMIn, and NH3

For different precursors, please ask us directly. The software is constantly developing and some models can already be available or might be added.

Example of the use of chemical model: Effect of process conditions on AlN growth rate and source efficiency in Veeco PropelTM MOCVD single wafer reactor … ,  based on advanced CFD and chemistry modeling. B. Mitrovic et al., CS Mantech 2017


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