Modeling for HVPE (Nitrides, III/Vs, Oxides) and MOCVD of Oxides

Modeling of HVPE can be carried out using HEpiGaNs edition of the Virtual Reactor software. Capabilities of  HEpiGaNs also include growth of gallium oxide by MOCVD. The following materials and growth techniques are readily available:

  • Growth of group-III Nitrides:
    • GaN bulk and epitaxial growth by
      • HVPE from NH3 and GaCl or GaCl3
      • OVPE from NH3 and Ga2O
      • HF-VPE from NH3 and gaseous Ga and GaHx
    • AlN bulk and epitaxial growth by HVPE
    • AlxGa1-xN and InxGa1-xN epitaxial growth by HVPE
  • Oxides:
    • β-Ga2O3 growth by HVPE and MOCVD
  • Growth of group-III Arsenides by HVPE using group-III chlorides and AsH3
  • Growth of group-III Phosphides by HVPE using group-III chlorides and PH3


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Schematic view of HVPE reactor, computed flow and ammonia partial pressure

Flow Pattern and Species Distributions in HVPE growth of Ga2O3. Published at ECSCRM 2016