Modeling of SiC Crystal Growth by HTCVD with VR Software

Since high temperature chemical vapor deposition (HTCVD) of SiC is epitaxial process (CVD) on one hand and bulk crystal growth on the other hand, it can be simulated with VR-CVD SiC and further investigated with the Threading Dislocations Module for bulk crystals. VR-CVD SiC can model the long term growth of SiC crystal from SiH4 and C3H8 or C2H4 with account of generation and re-evaporation of liquid Si droplets and solid SiC particles. As a result of calculations the user gets thermal profile of the reactor, flow pattern, species concentration in the reactor cavity, crystal growth rate distribution and computed shape evolution. Also, results include evolution of stress and dislocation density inside the growing crystal.

Considering the crucial role of the particle formation and transport for this growth technique, VR results include not only data on particle concentration, but also nucleation and secondary condensation (growth) rate of Si droplets and growth rate of SiC particles.


Published Examples of Modeling of HTCVD of SiC with Virtual Reactor

Example of gas flow optimization with modification of the reactor cavity: “Fast 4H-SiC Bulk Growth by High-Temperature Gas Source Method” by Yuichiro Tokuda, Norihiro Hoshino, Hironari Kuno, Hideyuki Uehigashi, Takeshi Okamoto, Takahiro Kanda, Nobuyuki Ohya, Isaho Kamata and Hidekazu Tsuchida, Materials Science Forum, Volume 1004, pp 5-13

Mitigation of thermal-elastic stress to reduce occurrence of cracking: “Development of 150-mm 4H-SiC Substrates Using a High-Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition Method” by Takeshi Okamoto, Takahiro Kanda, Yuichiro Tokuda, Nobuyuki Ohya, Kiyoshi Betsuyaku, Norihiro Hoshino, Isaho Kamata and Hidekazu Tsuchida,    Materials Science Forum, Volume 1004, pp 14-19


Trace lines illustrating the flow direction and velocity

Temperature distribution in the reactor with the call-outs at the crystal interface (T, Vgr) and in the hot zone (T)

Concentration of SiC particles

Si mass fraction

Mass fraction of SiC2