PVcell – Software for the Modeling of Semiconductor Solar Cells


Designed with engineers in mind, sotware provides fast and efficient quasi-1D simulations of simple p-n junction and tandem solar cells made of various inorganic semiconductor materials. Materials systems include Si, Ge, conventional III-V binary compounds and alloys, III-nitride and II-oxide wurtzite semiconductors and alloys.

Single computations at a given bias provide following characteristics:

  • Current density, power, conversion efficiency;
  • Band diagram, electric potential, electric field;
  • Carrier and ionized impurity concentrations;
  • Generation rate, recombination rates (different channels);
  • Partial electron and hole current densities.

Single or multiple tunnel junctions can be simulated using theoretical predictions, semi-empirical models, or using measurement data.

Series computations with varying bias can be used to obtain I-V characteristic, conversion efficiency, short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, and fill factor. Series computations with varying excitation wavelength can be used to find spectral dependencies of IQE and EQE.

Schematic View of Semiconductor Solar Cell