SiC growth from solution (TSSG and ACRT)

CGSim modeling capabilities for SiC growth from solution currently include:

  • Heat transfer in the furnace including RF heating;
  • Conjugated solution and gas flow with account for Lorentz forces;
  • Effect of Marangoni forces along the melt surface on the melt flow;
  • Ready chemical model for metal solvents (Cr, Ti, Al, Fe);
  • Accelerated rotation (ACRT);
  • Stresses and dislocation evolution during cooling;
  • Calculation of BPD using Alexander-Haasen model

To calculate SiC growth rate, crucible dissolution and re-crystallisation rates in CGSim, the user can choose one of the available solvent metals and specify initial solution composition. Chemical boundary conditions will be calculated automatically. As SiC growth, crucible dissolution and re-crystallisation are affecting composition of solution, it is re-calculated automatically and respective physical properties of the melt are adjusted respectively.