Modeling of Solar Silicon Growth

Performance of silicon solar elements is significantly affected by the quality of silicon ingot. At the same time, the production cost of such ingot contributes to the cost of the final product. CGSim software that can be be helpful in the search for better and cheaper ways to grow solar silicon.

Here we illustrate CGSim use for modeling of Si growth by Czochralski method and by directional solidification. The models available in CGSim are suitable for the growth optimization in terms of the doping, impurity and defect distributions, shortening the production cycle, reducing the equipment wear. Modeling can be used for analysis and modernization of the furnace design.

You might find some additional information at the page on modeling of electronic grade Cz Si.

Also, for the modeling of polycrystalline silicon deposition by Siemens process see PolySim page

Cz Silicon

Cz Silicon for solar applications. Effect of the inert gas flow on turbulent melt convection


DS Silicon

Directional solidification of multi-crystalline silicon ingots