Modeling for the Growth of Optical Crystals

Numerical simulation of single crystal growth by the Kyropoulos and HEM methods using CGSim software involves computations of the turbulent flow of the sapphire melt, laminar gas flow, effect of Marangoni forces on the melt surface, radiative heat exchange in the semi-transparent crystal including specular reflectivity at the boundaries, internal absorption and scattering.

Implemented approaches allows performing fully unsteady computations of crystal growth process to work on both hotzone design and process recipe optimization to grow large weight and high quality sapphire boules.

Apart form examples shown here, CGSim can also be applied to modeling of other optical crystals including lithium niobate and BGO.

Ky Sapphire

Simulation of leucosapphire crystal growth by the Kyropoulos method


HEM Sapphire

Unsteady computations of HEM process using CGSim