STR provides specialized software and consulting services for modeling of crystal growth, epitaxy/ deposition and semiconductor devices. Comprehensive research is behind every consulting activity and software product, which enables careful validation of physical models and approaches applied. STR’s expertise in the crystal growth science and device engineering is presented in variety of publications in the peer-reviewed journals and conference presentations.

Four product lines are being developed and promoted by STR:

  • Crystal growth from the melt and solution;
  • Bulk crystal growth from the vapor phase;
  • Deposition and epitaxy;
  • Optoelectronic and electronic devices.

Software packages developed at STR:
CGSim – Cz, DSS, Kyropoulos, Bridgman crystal growth from the melt (Si, m-Si, UMG-Si, GaAs, InP, SiGe, Ge, Sapphire, YAG, and more);
PolySim – polysilicon deposition by Siemens process;
CVDSim – epitaxy of compound semiconductors (Si, SiC, III-V, III-Nitride);
Virtual Reactor – bulk crystal growth of SiC, AlN, GaN by PVT and HVPE;
SimuLED, FETIS – optoelectronic and electronic devices (LEDs/LDs, FETs, Schottky diodes);
STREEM – stress buildup and relaxation in the AlGaN and InGaN based epitaxial stacks.

Over 200 companies and academic institutions worldwide are the end-users of STR software. The customer base includes world top material, device and equipment manufacturers. More than 40 scientists and engineers work for STR in USA, Japan, and Europe. The company also has local representatives in China, Korea, and Taiwan.