PolySim and PolySim 3D version 2022.10 have been released. The main new features are:
– Better integration between PolySim and PolySim 3D.
– Popcorn simulation is introduced in PolySim3D. The user can find and analyze the popcorn locations on the rod surfaces and make optimizations to reduce popcorn in the most problematic spots.

Changes in PolySim from version 1.14 (2020-02):

  1. Option to add Reversed gas is added.
  2. Interpolation formula is corrected to provide better approximation of 3D simulations. The expression is used by the interpolation tool ( Tools→ Interpolate 3D data dialog).
  3. Model constants are adjusted to provide more accurate results.
  4. Particle (dust) formation model is improved.
  5. Manual is updated and extended.
  6. Some minor fixes and improvements of GUI.

Changes in PolySim 3D from version 2020-02:

  1. Design of the program is adjusted to make it possible to use on a laptop with screen resolution 1366×768.
  2. Averaging of 3D fields is added. Sometimes, flow has internal instability and fully converged stationary solution cannot be achieved. Fields averaging can be applied to get more representative results in these cases.
  3. Popcorn simulation is added. Popcorn location on the rod surfaces and its intensity can be simulated.
  4. Minor fixes and optimizations of GUI