New features in Basic CGSim solver and solver GUI include: 

  • Plotter of monitoring points;
  • Chemical model of the phosphorus evaporation from Si melt;
  • Updated and improved chemical model of nitrogen evaporation from Si melt;
  • Improved stability of the solver and the solver GUI;
  • Extended diagnostic messages of the solver.

Flow Module updates for 64-bit version: 

  • Parallel solver compatible with robust and user-friendly Microsoft MPI has been developed. Solver version compatible with MPICH2 becomes optional and can be provided upon request;
  • 3D modeling of the gas bubbles formation and transport in Cz Si growth is available;
  • New advanced STR-k turbulence model is implemented for RANS modeling;
  • Overall stability is improved;
  • Internal diagnostics of the solver GUI is improved.

Also, Cut 3D tool compatible with the Microsoft MPI has been developed.