CGSim 21.0 has been released. Flow Module 3D is now equipped with a powerful tool that facilitates the transfer of the hot zone geometry along with computational mesh and material properties from Basic CGSim to Flow Module. It allows the user to significantly reduce the time required for geometry and grid preparation. With this new extension, we estimate that problem setup, including assignment of materials, became at least 4 times faster. 

Other improvements:

  • Recalculation of CUSP magnetic field, required due to grid deformation, is implemented.
  • Accuracy of the Marangoni effect simulation on the melt free surface is further improved. Settings related to Marangoni effect are enhanced – Marangoni coefficient can now reflect local temperature and impurity concentration.
  • A detailed tutorial on tuning and verification of the global heat transfer model in Basic CGSim is added.
  • Computations of defects have much better convergence and are at least ten times faster now due to new preconditioner for linear solver of defect equations. You can see the difference in performance using standard example on the defect modeling that was revised using new preconditioner and refined grid.
  • Heat exchange of melt and crystal with the gas is now taken into account in computations of Cz Dynamics.
  • Set of arguments which could be used in functions defining boundary conditions and material properties is expanded. Influence of gas pressure and molar weight on material properties can be considered.
  • The chemical model of GaN growth from solution has been refined and settings updated.

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