SimuLED software had a major update, namely, new SpeCLED & RATRO modules with capabilities enabling simulation of micro-LEDs were released. Improvements include new solver in RATRO. New capabilities include: 

  • Simulation of complex sloped mesa shape and/or lens. This option can be used for micro-LEDs or LEDs with complex profile of the substrate. One can now specify a user-defined script function which will define the slope shape. This modified chip shape will be used in RATRO computations. The installation package includes an example of micro-LED with sloped sidewalls in a shape of truncated square pyramid;
  • New model for simulation of patterned surfaces (direct tracing of rays inside the pattern);
  • Support for user-defined optical models at sidewalls of n-semiconductor and p-semiconductor;
  • Parallel computations in RATRO solver;
  • Export of SpeCLED and RATRO results into *.dcr format for View 2D visualization tool (included) that provides more ways of inspecting simulation results;
  • Better control of convergence in lateral carrier diffusion post-processing computation in SpeCLED.