A new version of Virtual Reactor is released. The key updates in VR 8.1 are as follows: 

For the epitaxial editions:

  • A model of SiC doping by N2 has been implemented. The model assumes the dissociative Langmuir mechanism of the Nitrogen adsorption, accounting for the effect of N2 partial pressure, growth temperature, and the seed polytype and polarity.

For the modeling of bulk crystal growth:

  • A model of transport of carbon particles has been implemented. The model considers transport of carbon particles from the powder source or crucible wall to the crystal surface. It provides analysis of dynamics of the particles in the SiC growth chamber by estimation of the forces acting on the particles.
  • The boundary shifting procedure has been adjusted to increase stability of automatic crystal shape evolution in long-term growth without manual corrections of the geometry by the user.
  • Extension of Thermal Elastic Stress Solver Computation and output of the stress values at the crystal boundaries.
  • Radical acceleration of Threading Dislocations computations. Output of results obtained with Threading Dislocations module into .dcr file for visualization in View2D.
  • Extension of the Polytype Analysis Model. Identification of the energetically preferable polytype (among 4H-SiC, 6H-SiC, and 15R-SiC) for the current growth condition, as a function of the seed polytype, polarity, doping type and level. Dependence of the surface energy of different polytypes on the doping level.