On September 29 – October 4 STR will participate in International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM) 2019 that will take place in Kyoto, Japan. We will have a booth (look for STR Japan). Come see us at the exhibition! 

Research work involving modeling with VR-CVD SiC: “Fast 4H-SiC Bulk Growth by High-Temperature Gas Source Method” by Yuichiro Tokuda, Norihiro Hoshino, Hironari Kuno, Hideyuki Uehigashi, Takeshi Okamoto, Takahiro Kanda, Nobuyuki Ohya, Isaho Kamata and Hidekazu Tsuchida. This is a joint work of Denso Corporation (Japan) and Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (Japan)