STR will participate in ACCGE-21 and OMVPE-18 that will take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on July 30 – August 4, 2017. Along with participating in the exhibition, we will have two oral presentations:

MODELING AND EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF ZINC DISTRIBUTION AND DISLOCATION DENSITY EVOLUTION IN CZT BRIDGMAN CRYSTAL GROWTH by Alex Galyukov1, Vladimir Artemyev2, Andrey Smirnov2, Vasif Mamedov2, Vladimir Kalaev2, Zhou Changhe3, Chao Xu3, Shiwen Sun3;

1 STR US, Inc., VA/Us,
2 STR Group, Inc. – Soft-Impact, Ltd., Ru,
3 Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cn
EPITAXIAL GROWTH OF GA2O3 BY MOCVD USING OXYGEN: EXPERIMENTAL STUDY AND MODEL VERIFICATION by Maxim Bogdanov1, Anna Lobanova2, Roman Talalaev1, Alex Galyukov3, Fikadu Alema4, Brian Hertog4, Andrei Osinsky4
1 STR Group, Inc. – Soft-Impact, Ltd., Ru,
2 STR, Ru,
3 STR US, Inc., VA/Us,
4 Agnitron Technology, Inc., MN/Us