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Applications of SimuLED package (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

To illustrate capabilities of SiLENSe we suggest the following simulation examples:

Blue SQW LED heterostructure

Using SiLENSe, you can calculate variation of the band diagram, carrier concentrations, SQW profile, and emission spectra with the bias, see the example

Blue MQW LED heterostructure

Using SiLENSe, you can calculate Band diagrams, and distributions of carrier concentrations and recombination rates in the LED structure, see the example

UV Laser Diode on sapphire substrate

Using SiLENSe, simulation of the Laser Diode operation can be carried out with the account of both the carrier transport in the heterostructure and electromagnetic wave propagation, see the example

AlGaAs Laser Diode

This section illustrates software capabilities for simulation of 808 nm AlGaAs-based high-power laser diode using SiLENSe, see the example

Hybrid II-O/III-N LED (ZnO-based LED)

Here, SiLENSe is used to conduct computations for a hybrid LED double heterostructure, see the example

Role of Simulations for Nitride Semiconductors. LED Simulations.

Read about SiLENSe and SpeCLED in the presentation by professor Hiroshi Amano (Meijo University) at 28th Electronic Materials Symposium: 2009.07.08 28th EMS Amano.pdf

Some of these example are accompanied by project files, that allow license holders to reproduce the computations. If you do not have a license, you can either purchase one, request a trial license ( or use the same project files to see how settings for these examples can be defined in the SiLENSe graphical user interface. To download the project files, please, visit SiLENSe section at


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