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SimuLAMP—software for optical and thermal design and optimization of LED lamps

SimuLAMP is an engineering tool that provides coupled solution of thermal, electrical, and optical problems in LED lamp - ligh emitting diode complete with encapsulation (such as epoxy dome and phosphors), electric circuit, heat sink if needed, and other design specific components.

If you have any questions about SimuLAMP, or would like to request a trial license, please, contact Mark Ramm

SimuLAMP can model a number of LED-specific aspects typically not covered by general optical-design software, such as:

  • Coupled optical-thermal-electrical problem
  • Detailed light conversion in white LED lamps by phosphors
  • Monolithically integrated multi-pixel LED arrays, including different manners of the pixel interconnection DC/AC driving

Solution of coupled optical/thermal problem in a complex package geometry allows for heat release in the LED chip as well as heat release in an encapsulant due to light absorption. Advanced model of light conversion allows one to simulate individual phosphor and phosphor mixtures (for white-light LED lamps). Support of single/multi chip package configurations includes RGB LEDs. Compatibility with SimuLED allows import of I-V and L-I characteristics from SpeCLED. Specification of the operation electrical circuit is supported for multi-pixel LED arrays. Analysis of package performance can be carried out for DC, AC, or Quasi-CW.


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