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"STR Group announces a new release CGSim 15.1"
CGSim 15.1 provides users a unique opportunity to calculate unsteady crystal growth processes, from furnace heating up to cooling down, within a single computation. Such computations can be performed for multiple processes and materials. These computations are supported by new functions, which include specification of time dependent gas flow rate, pressure, material properties, and possibility to change heater control algorithm (direct to inverse and back) within a single computation.

CGSim 15.1 fully supports crystal growth processes from solution, where crystallization rate is defined by mass flux of solution components. These computations now include all standard capabilities of CGSim: automatic heater power adjustment in steady and unsteady computations, melt/crystal interface computation, and others.

Multiple improvements in algorithms of grid reconstruction and interface correction provide fast and reliable convergence. Optimization of CGSim GUI and Solver GUI provides users more flexibility and better experience for customers with low vertical screen resolution.

New features in interface and modeling capabilities of Flow Module and Cz Dynamics.

Post-processing capabilities in CGSim 15.1 are extended by new functions of View2D visualizer and special tools to analyze, edit and compare visualizer files.

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