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"CGSim 12.1 has been released "
STR Group has launched a new release of crystal growth simulation software: CGSim 12.1. Designed for crystal growth optimization, CGSim software has extended its modeling capabilities for more accurate and fast optimization of crystal growth processes. The major improvements and new options have been implemented in three areas:

- modeling of electromagnetic effects in crystal growth furnaces equipped with DC and AC inductors;

The model includes analysis of simple and complex inductor systems to take into account electromagnetic effect on the melt flow (damping/stirring) and heating effect, including complex inductive heating systems.

- more precise model of species transport coupled with time and temperature dependent species deposition;

Chemical model of species transport for silicon crystal growth has been extended with advanced deposition model, which can automatically recognize 3 different types of deposits. This model enables a more precise modeling of impurity deposition and carbon transport from graphite furnace elements to the melt.

- extended capabilities for modeling of thermal stresses and dislocations;

The model considers formation of dislocations caused by transient release of thermal stresses in the crystal and followed by formation of residual stresses. 3D modeling capabilities of CGSim software have also been extended with 3D analysis of thermal stresses to take into account specific crystal orientations.

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