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Modeling of Crystal Growth and Devices

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STR provides dedicated software and consulting services for simulation and optimization of crystal growth techniques and for modelling of semiconductor based devices. The scope of STR's expertise includes CVD, sublimation growth, crystal growth from the melt, and modeling of advanced semiconductor devices, such as light emitting diodes, laser diodes, heterojunction bipolar transistors, high-electron mobility transistors, and Schottky diodes. Research projects conducted by STR make our company capable of solving a wide range of practical problems in the semiconductor technology.

Scientific Research

Advanced research projects carried out in STR provide our company with realistic models of crystal growth and epitaxy accounting, in particular, for surface kinetics, evolution of strains and defects, surface phase segregation, and mixing effects in solid solutions, necessary to solve up to date practical problems of semiconductor technologies. We publish research papers, participate in conferences and exhibitions, see Events section for more information.

Software Products

STR offers software products for simulation and optimization of crystal growth techniques and heterostructure device engineering. Since experimental optimization of the growth process normally takes much effort and is resource- and time-consuming, modeling can be very beneficial when the simulation tool can predict important features of the process. Our software employs advanced physical models and numerical algorythms. It provides growers with information about numerous physical processes responsible for the growth of crystal and its quality. Most of our software products have a built-in database of material properties. Friendly user interface is oriented on researchers and engineers and is aimed at minimization of the user efforts needed for the problem specification. Run-time and post-processing visualization is available within the GUI and, in addition, the computational results are stored in files allowing a post-processing analysis using commercial graphical packages.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are directly based on the scientific research. They employ both conventional and original models of crystal growth coupled with a powerful software for detailed 3D modeling of flow dynamics, heat and species transport in equipment of arbitrary geometry. Our consulting abilities cover PVT and CVD growth of a number of Si-based and A3B5 materials, CZ growth of Si and A3B5, device simulation, etc.

Our Customers

STR currently provides software and consulting services to over 170 companies and Academic Institutions in USA, Europe, and Asia.


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